How To Build A Document Manager For Health & Safety Management

Many health and safety issues in the workplace have a document associated with them.

To properly manage health & safety you’re going need an efficient method of managing documents and synchronising and linking them to all the resources (assets, chemicals, jobs, locations and workers) affected as well as to the item, such as a Safe Operating Procedure.

Some examples would be;

  • a servicing and maintenance log or documentation of service problems with assets
  • Safe Operating Procedure printable document
  • all documents relating to an incident such as medical reports, insurance claims, back to work management, investigation reports, police reports etc.
  • risk assessments where an asset poses a possible hazards
  • audit documents associated with failed audits
  • documents relating to hazards reported
  • reports relating to jobs
  • extra documentation relating to a Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • training attendance sheets
  • certifications, permits, resumes, etc., relating to workers
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