Hazard Management And The Hazard Hunt

Is The Workplace Hazards Hunt A Waste Of Time? I was reading an article the other day on workplace hazards. The writer was a professional health and safety consultant. While reading, I began to realise how many business owners and managers are wasting valuable time, money and resources. How? By creating procedures and assessments that are […]

Health and Safety Laws and The Daily Balancing Act!

Look, you know your business, inside out.
However, health and safety laws have you on a daily balancing act.

Difference Between Hazards and Risk

What’s the difference between a Hazard and a Risk? So much documentation is written about the difference between hazards and risk. Much of it inadequately defines the difference. Why is the difference between hazards and risk even important? Because hazards are the reason for health and safety! What Is A Hazard? A hazard is anything […]