A Work Health and Safety Fail

A work health and safety fail. How a customer’s work health and safety fail gave him a wakeup call. “How dare you!” This was the angry statement that greeted me as I met with my valued customer. I’d subcontracted to this business for years and the owner had become a friend. Surprised and puzzled I […]

Small Business and the Health & Safety System

Does My Small Business Need A Health & Safety System? For small businesses, establishing a health & safety system early is essential. Why? Even a small business owner has a health & safety Duty of Care. Just because a business is small it’s not immune to the hazards that can kill or maim. Even a […]

What is a Risk Assessment and What is it that’s “Assessed”?

Risk Assessment – The risk of What? What is a risk assessment? This may seem pathetically obvious, but a risk assessment is simply assessing the risk of something happening or not happening. Risk is a combination of the likelihood of something occurring and the consequences if it does. A risk assessment is a simple quantifying […]

Safe Work and the Legal Minefield

Safe Work and the Legal Minefield It’s a simple fact that most employers don’t realise the legal minefield they operate in where Workplace safety is concerned until it’s too late. Once hit with a massive penalty or insurance claim the reality of not managing the intricacies of occupational health and safety hit home with often devastating […]

Forklift Safety – Is it Wise or a Waste?

Forklift Safety – Is it Wise or a Waste? Forklift safety is often a low priority despite forklifts being one of the most hazardous workplace vehicles. Forklifts continue to be a significant source of accidents in the workplace. Unfortunately, the forklift’s ease and simplicity of use make them an accident waiting to happen. Workers with […]

Safety Management System Gives Peace Of Mind

A Good Safety Management System Is An Asset A good safety management system makes it easier to manage the 101 issues you’re required to initiate at your workplace. However, it can do much more If you run a business, chances are you’re very good at it, but you know that health and safety laws have […]

Health and Safety Systems – PROVE You Have Them!

Do You Have Health and Safety Systems In Place? It doesn’t matter if you were trying to get health and safety systems in place. Neither does it matter if you started to get them in place. Look, it doesn’t even matter if you DO have a health and safety system.

Incident Management System Design

Incidents happen! An incident management system is a critical part of a health and safety system. Even businesses with the most diligently managed system can have an incident occur at almost any time. A good incident management system will track every factor relating to an incident such as;

Health And Safety Monitoring – Why It’s Critical

Why Health and Safety Monitoring Is Necessary Health and safety monitoring is critical because your business is undergoing constant change. New machinery and tools, new systems, new approaches to tasks and new workers all impact health and safety in many ways.

Risk Assessment Procedure – Why Its Necessary

From cradle to grave life is a risk assessment. From the smallest most insignificant actions to large life-changing decisions, a risk assessment is usually a precursor the majority of these assessments are unconscious. Some everyday life risk assessments may be of a more formal nature such as planning a holiday.