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A safety audit is a regular check on the resources and the health and safety management system of a business.Audits gather information about any failings or shortcomings that need attention.A sound audit system will reveal failures in;
  • Each section of a health and safety management system.
  • Emergency equipment such as fire fighting equipment, first aid supplies or barriers and guards around machinery.
  • Asset safety and maintenance such as plant, equipment, machinery or tools.
  • Location safety such as chemical stores, workshops or fuel stores.
  • Job processes such as the correct method of starting and operating machinery
  • Chemicals. For example, safety data sheet availability, storage and PPE.
  • Workers. Drug and alcohol use, performance and compliance.
A workplace audit could be a formal type of inspection by a management team. It can also be a “walk around and observe” exercise.
Either way, it should define areas that need attention and have a way to manage improvement.
The means of carrying out an audit should be uncomplicated and require a minimum of labour cost. This can all be obtained through the Simple WorkSafe Audit program.


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