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Simple WorkSafe ™ software simplifies health and safety risk assessment and makes the risk management process of hazards and risk identification and workplace risk assessment easy and fast.


$97 Per Year
(Annual Subscription)

Start using Simple WorkSafe ™ software to simplify health and safety risk assessment and make the risk management process of hazards and risk identification and workplace risk assessment easy and fast.

Don’t let health and safety risk assessment leave you vulnerable to costly, stressful, time-consuming court actions every time you send a worker to perform a task!
You know that fines, settlements, legal costs, increased insurance premiums and long periods of mental stress could potentially ruin you should an incident occur at your workplace BUT…

The workplace risk assessment and the whole risk management process is so time-consuming and costly that it’s easy to keep putting it off.

With health and safety legislation growing ever more complex, it’s now impossible to neglect the health and safety risk assessment.

What’s needed is an easier, simpler method of creating and managing risk assessment.

The Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment wizard is the perfect tool for simplified workplace risk assessment.

Workplace Risk Assessment Software - Home Page

The Home Page of the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

What is a risk assessment and why is it so critical to your business?

The risk assessment is the basis for health and safety management.

It’s the only effective method of identifying hazards, assessing the hazard risk and eliminating or reducing that risk.

Remember it’s HAZARDS that are the reason for health and safety in the first place! It’s Hazards that kill, maim and hurt people.
No hazard equals no requirement for a safety measure.

The risk assessment is Health and Safety 101 and is vital for;

  • Identifying Hazards,
  • Assessing the likelihood of them harming people (and the consequences if they do)
  • Controlling them to eliminate or reduce the risk
risk management with simple worksafe

The Risk Assessment List page of the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard


The risk assessment template or paper form has traditionally been the tool for the risk management process.
This is inadequate in today’s digital world because templates and paper forms are;

  • Very time consuming
  • Impossible to link and synchronise to all the resources affected by them
  • Difficult to keep current, especially when many risk assessments are necessary
  • Easily buried inside manila folders and filing cabinets where they are lost or forgotten
  • By using software for risk management, these problems are reduced or eliminated.
    Hey, would you go back to pen and paper to manage your accounting?
    Not likely! Yet occupational hazard elimination is many times more likely to break you than your accounting processes.

    By using Simple Worksafe’s Risk Assessment wizard you can take control of the risk assessment process and Stop IT Controlling YOU!

    Learn more about what a risk assessment is here.

Easily Create Risk Assessments with the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

Link and sync to every resource the risk assessment affects through the risk assessment register

With the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard, you can link and synchronise every risk assessment to the resources that are affected by it.

For instance, a risk assessment may be created for a particular job.
The job may involve the use of a range of assets (plant, machinery, equipment or tools).
The job will surely be carried out on a worksite and there may well be chemicals or hazardous goods involved.

The risk assessment is permanently attached to each one of these, the worksite, the job being attempted, each of the resources used and the chemicals/hazardous goods used.

The risk assessment register is used to link and synchronise health and safety assessments with resources.

health and safety risk assessment registers

Link your Health & Safety issues to your Registers of the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

risk assessments attached to asset

Risk Assessments attached to an asset in the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

risk assessment workers register

The Worker’s Register from the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

Comprehensive reports generated at the press of a button

A Risk Assessment document can be printed out in four different formats, Word document, image, spreadsheet or pdf.
Printing in either Word or spreadsheet formats means the resulting report can be customised any way you wish.

risk assessment reports options

The Report Options from the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

Export & Import Function

Every risk assessment can be exported to either spreadsheets, CSV, Word Docs etc. and assessments generated through paper templates can be imported into the Simple Risk Assessment application.

printeable risk assessment report

Report Sample from the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard

Customer Reviews

Great for Health & Safety compliance

The Risk Assessment Wizard is great for ensuring our health & safety compliance were assessing risk is concerned.

Once set up it is easy to use

Takes a bit of effort to set up. Once it was set up it is easy to maintain risk assessments.

We finally found an easier way of managing risk

We use this application for creating and managing our risk assessments and find it more than satisfactory.

Great product, huge time saver. 

We use this wizard to create and update risk assessments. Our risk is much more manageable now.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The subscription is all-inclusive

We have a 30-day full refund policy. If you’re not completely happy with Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment Wizard inform us via the contact form here within 30 days of subscribing and we will immediately refund your money.

Yes. Support is via the contact form here. We will answer your support questions with the very highest priority.

Yes. Your data is stored on the secure servers with geolocation backup servers. In the unlikely event of a server failure, the backup servers will continue serving your data seamlessly. Our username and password system will ensure that the only people to see your data are those whom you choose.

You can change many features of the look and feel and it’s fully explained in the “Changing the Look and Feel” help article. Each user can select his/her own look & feel which will be saved just for that specific user.

Is Simple WorkSafe compatible with the forthcoming international standard, ‘ISO 45001′? This is the new international standard designed to provide organisations with a framework for creating a safe workplace. SimpleWorkSafe is a tool that enables an organisation to demonstrate that the systems required to conform to the above standard are in place. Learn about the new standard here.

Occasionally we get a request for changes or additions to Simple WorkSafe. When we believe that the requested change will make the application a better product we will include it. All subscribers will have free access to the additions/ alteration if they are relevant to your current subscription.

Yes. When updates are made to the application they are automatically available to all users of the version that was upgraded free of charge.

On very rare occasions we may need to do routine maintenance on the server, databases or the UI of the application resulting in a brief disruption to the service, however, we will always notify you well before this occurs.

Currently – Yes. Simple WorkSafe is a cloud-based application that needs internet access to communicate with the data held on the server. HOWEVER…There is an upcoming change to this where we will be able to offer offline data processing. This will enable normal use of the application while offline and the data will automatically match once an internet connection becomes available. The release of Offline Data Processing will be announced on our blog and by email with any special instructions.

Mostly yes. We’ve discovered that the application will work with even a very weak internet connection although it may slow up a bit. Usually, even a location with a poor internet service has “hot spots” where the service is better, however, in some remote locations there is no internet service at all. Unfortunately, in this case, the application won’t work until an internet connection can be made. This will change with Offline Data Processing which is coming soon and will be announced in an email to our customers and on our blog.

It takes very little time to have the Simple WorkSafe Risk Assessment wizard up and running. It can be an ongoing process where information is added as needed while using the application.

Not if you follow the guides. The guides give a short but concise explanation for every section of the application.

Absolutely! Simple WorkSafe has a simple but powerful security system. When you subscribe you will be given a username and password that has a “Manager” role. A user with a Manager role can create other users with either a “Supervisor” role or a “Worker” role. A user with a “Supervisor” role can also create an unlimited amount of users with “Worker” roles. These roles determine what a user can see. Only a user with a “Manager” and “Supervisor” role can delete records. There is an extensive explanation of what a user with a Worker role sees in the guides. Simple WorkSafe is not priced on the number of users you have. You can hundreds of users and the subscription does not change.

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