Simple WorkSafe Policies and Procedure Wizard Subscription Order Form

Policies and Procedures software

1 year subscription to the Simple WorkSafe Policy and Procedure Wizard.

  • Unlimited workers can be added to your health & safety management system.
  • QR codes can be scanned by anyone with a phone to view the procedure. This is an advantage if you have volunteers or other people who don’t have access to your health and safety system.
  • Never lose your procedures.  They are securely stored on highly secure cloud-based servers.
  • They can easily be searched and filtered.
  • They are automatically linked to all associated resources, for example, your assets, chemicals and jobs.
  • Similar procedures can be duplicated easily saving countless hours, especially where you have assets or jobs similar but may require additional steps, for example, a ladder an extension ladder.
  • Each procedure is easily updateable when a process is changed.
  • Detailed reports available at the press of a button
  • Workers can sign they have read and acknowledged they have understood the procedure, showing your commitment to comply with health and safety legislation.