A Work Health and Safety Fail

A work health and safety fail. How a customer’s work health and safety fail gave him a wakeup call. “How dare you!” This was the angry statement that greeted me as I met with my valued customer. I’d subcontracted to this business for years and the owner had become a friend. Surprised and puzzled I […]

Small Business and the Health & Safety System

Does My Small Business Need A Health & Safety System? For small businesses, establishing a health & safety system early is essential. Why? Even a small business owner has a health & safety Duty of Care. Just because a business is small it’s not immune to the hazards that can kill or maim. Even a […]

Health and Safety Consultants For FREE

What if You Could Access FREE Health and Safety Consultants? What if you had a team of health and safety consultants who would work for no extra than your current labour costs? In addition, these consultants were also skilled in the processes of your business, AND they offered to take on the daily management of […]

Health and Safety Laws In The Workplace

Health and Safety Laws in the Workplace Impact Businesses. Health and safety laws in the workplace are a foregone conclusion in the modern-day business. No business is immune to their influence. There’s nothing you can do to avoid the law’s impact. So what’s the problem? Well, It’s not the health and laws themselves that’ll get you, […]

Enforceable Undertaking – What Is It?

Do you know what an “Enforceable Undertaking” is? In Australia, an enforceable undertaking is a legally binding agreement made to avoid prosecution. For example, a person found to have workplace safety violations and state health and safety regulators may enter into an agreement to instigate measures to correct activities and comply with health and safety […]