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Whether you call health and safety OSHA, WHS, OHS, EHS, HSE or anything else you need a great set of tools to manage it.
The tools must be easily accessible by your on-site personnel from any device!

Health and safety management is now digital – just like your accounting!

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Easily and Quickly Manage;
Risk Assessments
Safety Audits
Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)
Take 5s
Or use our Fully Integrated Complete Management System

Hosted on secure international cloud servers.
No downloads or installs.
Fully responsive interface automatically adjusts to any device.
You can assign an unlimited number of users at no extra cost.
Updates are included in your subscription.
No contract, affordable annual subscriptions.

Risk Assessment Wizard

Risk assessments can take countless hours to create, BUT,  you must have them!
Failing to identify hazards, assess risk and implement controls is the number one reason for failure in a health & safety court case.
Now you can create and manage unlimited risk assessments quickly and easily…

Safe Operating Procedure Wizard

How many hours are wasted writing SOPs that are outdated almost immediately and are inaccessible to the workers who rely on them?
Now there’s a simpler way to create and manage SOPs FAST and have all workers access them by a QR coded label or from a download from the worker’s phone…

Audits are the one way of ensuring resources and systems are safe enough to prevent both an injury to workers and an expensive journey through a court case.
With the Audit Wizard, pre-designed templated audits can be conducted from a mobile device and linked and synced to every resource to prove safety compliance…

When a SWMS is required by law the SWMS Wizard can save time and frustration by enabling you to create SWMS quickly and easily and have workers read and sign them from their own devices, wherever they are. You have permanent proof that you complied with the law and so did your workers…

Take 5 Wizard

When you need a fast but effective way for workers to assess the risk of a job before they commence work the Take 5 (5 minutes) assessment is ideal. However, when a paper form or pocket card is used there’s no easy way to manage and review Take 5s. With the Take 5 Wizard, you can! This can reduce exposure to a workplace accident…

JSA Wizard

The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is widely used for on-site, pre-commencement risk assessment by workers.
If pockets cards or printed forms are used there is no easy way to link and sync those assessment to the relevant worker, the job being attempted or the assets they were using…

Complete Health & Safety Management System

Stop diverting precious time, money and resources from your product or service into health and safety management.
Look, you wouldn’t go back to using a manila folder and ledger book based accounting system to maintain financial control over your business, so why try and manage health and safety like that?
Health and safety fails can be much more destructive to your business than accounting mismanagement…